About Us

Ecumenical Association for Community Development and Research (EACDR) is registered as non-governmental organization in 2009 with the proclaimed objectives to address human rights including women, child, civil & political, economic, social & cultural and rights to water and food, capacity building for stake holders – need base trainings, education and development for youth including technical skills and advocacy, community empowerment by establishing social groups, and mobilizing communities to work themselves for their development, conversation of ecological system by addressing environmental degradation issues and promotion of bio-diversity, poverty reduction through various projects and programs, health related issues including communicable diseases, mother & child care unit, adequate water for all & food security and disaster response and awareness to overcome difference by promoting peace, solidarity and interfaith harmony in South Asia Region.

Vision: Promoting of a society based on justice and peace

Mission: Motivating people to work in harmony towards their own development and produce sovereign peaceful society

Goal: United we process towards sustainable development