Creative Action for Change (CAC) theatre’s program aims to mitigate the adverse effects on community especially youths living in high-risk environments. These youths are exposed to and have a high propensity to become involved in criminal activity, prostitution, gangs, and drug addiction. To achieve its goal, Theatre aims to generate interest among parents and artists who work with at-risk youths in using puppets as prevention, therapeutic, educational, as well as recreational communication tools.

The program will be executed in four phases. The first phase of the project involves building the community’s awareness of puppet theatre and puppet theatre groups through presentations and events. The second and third phases of the project are cantered on the facilitation of workshops to train and build the capacities of 25 artistic youth leaders and 15 instructors in the mechanisms of Puppet Theater to maintain the sustainability of the project in the future. The fourth phase of the project concentrates on having youth leaders and instructors utilize the skills they learned in their workshop to develop a puppet theatre production and present it to the public.

The proposed theatre seeks to provide opportunities for youths in rural and urban high-risk environments in Sindh by means of increasing their access to fun and artistic activities that stimulate their personal and social development, as well as inform them of their rights. To achieve these goals, Creative Action for Change (CAC) has outlined the following objectives: