Music plays a vital role in life and it is such a universal language. The music is the only common to every one in the world. YES-PAK has arranged a program to provide a platform for youth and adults to develop their further skills and confidence in music.

In Hyderabad and its surrounding areas there are number of young and adults who are gifted with music skills but they can not afford to further enhance their skills and record their talent.

Music is a Great bequest of the Nature. YES-PAK aiming to equip youth provided young singers from Hyderabad and its surrounding areas to record their vocals at audio studio.

This effort of YES-PAK has been able to develop the existing confidence in young artists and instrumental in providing a real life experience by recording their vocals at professional studio.

YES-PAK is in process to arrange a music conference in early next year to establish a network of young artist of Hyderabad and its surrounding areas and to encourage them.