Since the inception of Pakistan there have been a lot of challenges and problems the youth has faced, which have grown more and more with the passage of time. The present situation of Pakistan is much tensed and our country is facing a period of turmoil and chaos. The poor economy and political issues prove to be lethal for the youth development work and are heading towards destruction.

Youth Enhancement Services in Pakistan (YES-PAK) is a grass root movement of EACDR. Young people who have the most innovative visions for change lack skills, directions and resources. In order to group the youth, EACDR has taken the initiative to help the youth develop their capabilities, set their directions and pool in the best resources they need to achieve their goals aiming to address challenges communities face.

Methodology for youth development:

Establishing relations, Building the Base & fostering friendships- Through Fun, Theatre, Music, Arts, drama (MAD), trainings, Youth Clubs, Summer Camps, Leadership Development and Skills Development programs.

Outdoor outreach - once every quarter.

Contact Work - schools in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas to reach as many youths and to coordinate and undertake activities.

Film shows, Movie & Popcorn - Theme based film show will be arrange quarterly.

Leadership and Training – Mentoring 1000 youth per year as leaders and livelihood influencers; nurturing their skills and capacities to influence and motivate others.

Weekend conference - discussions on current issues that inform, educate and enlighten the youth

Recreational programs - Team Time-picnic, Youth Camp, Youth Open Day, Summer Camp